GreyHatPro Mentioned in Lawsuit Alongside Amazon + GoDaddy

By chaneya.

We recently posted 'Searchable Database from the Ashley Madison Hack' where we created GreyHatPro Affair Search to allow our clients, family, and friends to assess their exposure from the recent hack. Unfortunately, despite several clients contacting us directly to thank us for the service, not everyone is as satisfied. It appears the GreyHatPro website has been formally mentioned in a suit drawn by three John Doe plaintiffs located in California, Maryland, and New Jersey.

DriveSavers Drive Simulator

By chaneya.

Data Recovery Advisors available 24/7 to answer any questions you have or to help select the best service options and provide a free estimate over the phone.

Estimates can also be requested by visiting: DriveSavers and using TechFlavor's DS#: 27838 to receive special customer discounts including:

  • Automatic 10% discount
  • No data-No charge policy
  • Free shipping
  • Free evaluations on most services

TechFlavor is an authorized DriveSavers reseller!

Hidden 'Wifi-Assist' feature in iOS 9 causing exorbitant charges for users

By chaneya.

With the recent iOS upgrade (iOS 9), Apple added a few new features. One of the new features, allows users to automatically switch from slow, failing Wifi connections to their cellular data plan (3g, 4g). However, due to the fact that a large portion of iPhones are purchased with a limited data plan, users have been incurring outrageous charges.

Keep reading to learn how to disable this feature and protect your cellular data plan from unexpected overages.


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