Why VPNs are Essential for WiFi

By chaneyc

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Public Wi-Fi Networks

There’s been a lot of buzz about unsecure Wi-Fi lately – and it’s not just hype. As the number of free public Wi-Fi hotspots continues to increase, so do the risks associated with using these networks. A few weeks ago, a journalist for a major newspaper was hacked while working onboard a plane. Someone else on the plane intercepted his connection, and was able to view personal details including a copy of the story he was working on and email communications to his sources. This situation was a wake-up call for the journalist — and a reminder about how dangerous unsecured public Wi-Fi networks can be.

The Risks of Unsecure Wi-FI

Whether you’re conducting business while traveling, or simply scrolling through your inbox in line at the coffeeshop on your way to work, using public Wi-Fi networks is a real risk. These networks are frequently not secure, meaning they leave you unprotected and vulnerable to snoopers, hackers and criminals attempting to steal personal information and data. These risks become even greater when conducting business; imagine the consequences if your sensitive business information was intercepted.

Protect Your Connection with a VPN

With so many unsecure networks in so many places – like airports, coffee shops, and conference centers – protecting your connection whenever you’re outside the office is absolutely essential. One way to do so is with a VPN. A VPN encrypts your Internet connection to protect your privacy and secure your connection. With a VPN no one can see what you’re doing online, so your business and information is always safe. Whether checking-in on messenger, responding to email, or accessing local network resources, using a VPN when connected outside the office is the best way to ensure your connection stays secure and your information private.

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