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WhatsApp Shut Down in Brazil

By chaneyc.

It’s been reported that a judge in Sao Paulo has ordered that WhatsApp be shut down. The shutdown is set to last 48 hours, and went into effect starting at 9pm EST on December 16.

WhatsApp is very popular in Brazil – the most used app – with 93 million users. The service is widely used by the youth and poor in the country, as they cannot afford costly Brazilian phone plans.

Update: 10:15am, EST – It’s been reported that the suspension on WhatsApp has been lifted.

How to Make an Automatic Twitter Bot

By chaneya.

Did you know that many of the accounts that you follow and interact with on Twitter are actually not managed by people?

Well, it's true. Twitter provides a highly programmable API for developers and tinkerers that wish to write programs that interface with the system. In this post, you will see how to create an automatic Twitter bot for yourself.

Search ThePirateBay from within Slack!

By chaneya.

Here at TechFlavor, we use Slack for almost all of our internal communications. The platform is elegantly designed to increase productivity and workflow, while also providing an environment for integrating with almost every other online tool.

TPB Slack Ruby is a Ruby-based Slack bot for interacting with ThePirateBay Torrent Search Engine. Simply follow the instructions in the README at the link below and begin searching for torrents directly from inside Slack!


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