Search ThePirateBay from within Slack!

By chaneya.

Here at TechFlavor, we use Slack for almost all of our internal communications. The platform is elegantly designed to increase productivity and workflow, while also providing an environment for integrating with almost every other online tool.

TPB Slack Ruby is a Ruby-based Slack bot for interacting with ThePirateBay Torrent Search Engine. Simply follow the instructions in the README at the link below and begin searching for torrents directly from inside Slack!

Top 5 File Sync and Share Trends of 2015

By chaneyc.
In recent years, the global workforce has become more mobile than ever before. A survey by Forrester Research of information workers found that 37% of respondents work from multiple locations outside of the office and that 53% of respondents use 3 or more devices for work.

Hidden 'Wifi-Assist' feature in iOS 9 causing exorbitant charges for users

By chaneya.

With the recent iOS upgrade (iOS 9), Apple added a few new features. One of the new features, allows users to automatically switch from slow, failing Wifi connections to their cellular data plan (3g, 4g). However, due to the fact that a large portion of iPhones are purchased with a limited data plan, users have been incurring outrageous charges.

Keep reading to learn how to disable this feature and protect your cellular data plan from unexpected overages.


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